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Intracranial venous collaterals in cerebral venous thrombosis: clinical and imaging impact.
Miguel A. Barboza, Carolina Mejias, Jonathan Colin-Luna, Alejandro Quiroz-Compean, Antonio Arauz
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Safety of Head Down Tilt 15° (HDT15°) in experimental intracerebral haemorrhage: relevance for gravity-based modulation of collaterals in acute stroke
Simone Beretta


Effects of Flat On Bed versus Trendelenburg Position on Cerebral Blood Flow in Acute Ischemic Stroke
JC Navarro, PB. Olarte, ST Abantas-Diamla, CG. Escabillas


Cerebral micro bleeds among patients with chronic vessels disease of brain
Amarbayasgalan R, Munkhzaya Ch, Delgerdalai Kh, Hongorzul G, Mongolian Stroke Association, First Central State Hospital
of Mongolia, Luxmed Hospital



Thrombolysis in Acute Ischemic Stroke: A Study from National Institute of Neurological and Allied Sciences (NINAS), Kathmandu, Nepal.
Lekhjung Thapa

Intracranial Stenosis in Nepalese Stroke: An observational study in Neurological center
Avinash Chandra


Collateral status determines the probability of receiving endovascular treatment in ischemic stroke patients with large vessel occlusion transferred via drip & shift to a Stroke Center
Laura Blanco-García, Ana Juanatey, Mercedes de Lera, María Usero, Ana Calleja, Elisa Cortijo, Miguel Castaño, Miguel Schüller, Luis López-Mesonero, J. F Arenillas
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Predictors of Collateral Flow Pattern in Acute Ischemic Stroke after Proximal Middle Cerebral Arterial Occlusion in Brazil
Daniel Escobar, Frederico Fernandes Alves Alessio, Francisco Antunes Dias, Larissy Lima, Millene Camilo Rodrigues, Maria Clara Zanon Zotin, Pedro Teles Cougo Pinto, Clara Antunes Barreira, João Pereira Leite, Soraia Ramos Cabete, Daniel Giansante Abud, Octavio Marques Pontes-Neto


Outcome prediction using perfusion parameters and collateral scores of multi-phase and single-phase CTA in acute stroke: need for one, two, three or thirty scans?
Katharina Schregel, Ioannis Tsogkas, Daniel Behme, Carolin Peter, Ilko Maier, Jan Liman, Michael Knauth, Marios-Nikos Psychogios

United States

Evaluating collateral flow territory stability as a novel biomarker of recurrent stroke in patients with symptomatic intracranial stenosis
Daniel Arteaga, MD, Manus Donahue, PhD

SEACOAST : SEdAtion with COllAteral Support in endovascular Therapy for acute ischemic stroke: a randomized multicenter controlled trial
Radoslav Raychev, Dimiter Arnaudov, David Liebeskind, Jeffrey Saver